• Front size: 10×4.50-5
  • Rear size: 11×7.10-5
  • Hardness IRHD [+/-5]: Front 73 – Rear 73
  • Press. Sugg.
    [±0.2] BAR/PSI: 
    Ant. 1 / Post. 14,5
  • Max Speed: 160 km/h – 100 mph
  • Weight kg [+/- 10%]: Front 1,180 / Rear 1,680
For many years we have prepared our tires designed specifically for the needs of indoor and outdoor rental Kart. Using Vega RENT tyres, instead of cheaper competitors tyres, managers of tracks and riders will have several benefits: longer life of the tyres, consistent performance and manufacturing quality typical of our brand. Warming up more quickly, our tires allow good cornering grip and braking from the very first laps. Available in two different compounds: H1 for tracks with abrasive asphalt, asphalt S1 for tracks with less abrasive.