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Founded in 1980, Vega takes its name from the brightest star in our galaxy. All the more reason to shine, to be recognised and an incentive that has led it to become world leader in the production of Kart tyres. This is demonstrated by the 10 world titles won, as well as numerous European titles. At the basis of these results is a high technological level of machinery for tyre construction, entirely designed in-house, guaranteeing constant quality production. The entire production chain is carried out in-house at the Italian (Saronno) and French (Alès) plants, both UNI EN ISO 9001 certified.
From the mixing of tyre compounds, made with highest prime materials who are specifically designated to competitions, to the production of rubberized plies that form the carcasses (the soul of the tire). Sidewalls compounds, fillers compounds, manufacturing and vulcanization. Everything is made onsite. Every aspect of the production is made by us, following very strict quality procedures. In order to pass more than 200 laboratory tests checks, but most importantly to pass with flying colors the most important judgments: the stopwatch and the drivers.