Vega, was born in 1980, and took its name from the shiniest star in our galaxy. From the beginning, Vega has been the bright star in kart tyre manufacturing in Europe. In kart racing, we have won 10 World Championships and many European titles.

The highest technology machinery and processes assure racers of consistent compounds with each tyre. Factories in Saronno (Italy) and Ales (France) control every aspect of production in house, guaranteeing consistent quality.



From the mixing of tyre compounds, made with highest prime materials who are specifically designated to competitions, to the production of rubberized plies that form the carcasses (the soul of the tire). Sidewalls compounds, fillers compounds, manufacturing and vulcanization. Everything is made onsite. Every aspect of the production is made by us, following very strict quality procedures.

In order to pass more than 200 laboratory tests checks, but most importantly to pass with flying colors the most important judgments: the stopwatch and the drivers.


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