Slick racing tyres.
Here is our racing product line, able to satisfy any use purposes. National Classes, Club racing, Endurance racing: the different combinations of compounds and carcasses will allow to adapt to all types of circuit, depending on the type of asphalt, the morphology of the track and of the weather conditions.
The drivers and the Races organizers will be able to choose the tires that best suit the characteristics of the circuit and atmospheric temperatures.


The tyre intended for drivers who need excellent performance whilst minimizing wear.


Initially designed for the North American market, the SL3 "Blue" (NordAm) has tested so well that it deserves to become the future successor of our very successful SL5 tire.


The latest addition to the Vega SL series, the "red" SL4 soon became the reference as a perfect tyre to use in National categories, whether they are 125 shifter or direct drive.


Starting today, all long life tyres have a new point of reference.


LL serie was introduced for drivers who demanded good grip with above average wear resistance.


The SL range has been enhanced by the introduction of this new tyre, it's compound guarantees extraordinary wear resistance without compromising performance.

New Cadetti

New Cadetti is the grippiest of the Vega tyres for Kids. Perfect if more grip is required.


"MINI" is the natural evolution of the tyre "Cadetti".


Many years after its initial appearance it is the most modern "narrow" tyre in the world.

HS 6"

The particular low profile, the quality and value of the materials used permit exceptionally fast performances.